Saturday, April 12, 2008

Discovery Health

I totally need to stop watching Discovery Health! I love all of the baby shows, especially "House of Babies." Every time the baby is born I start balling (blame the pregnancy hormones). The worst ones are the shows that feature the problems with having multiples; twin to twin transfusion, one twin in distress, premature delivery, babies in the NICU, etc. I guess that I just have to keep praying, stay positive and BLOCK THE CHANNEL.


Mary said...

Hey, Erika!! LOL, This is so funny because I know so many women(especially pregnant) who do the exact same thing. I remember it being A Baby Story on TLC.
I have been thinking about you guys and meaning to call but I am a slacker. How's the new house?

Erika said...

The new house is great. I have not been able to finish unpacking because I have been so sick and so tired from the babies. Looking at the mess makes me feel so guilty.