Friday, August 1, 2008

Charlie & The Belly

I love this photo. Charlie is laying on my baby belly. Hopefully this means that he and the babies will be great friends when the babies are born.


Alisa said...

I didn't have a pet during pregnancy, but I hear that you want to try to include them as much as possible, so I think you are doing just that! It really is such a sweet picture. I really am going to call you soon...once I can find time between Tye and Kenadie!

Katie said...

That's so cute!!! Sorry it was a quick visit on Tuesday. Next week we'll make it longer. :) Shaved ice here we come!! lol

Erika said...

Hi, I googled my name and you popped up. I just had to say 'hey' to another Erika Rebstock! Good luck gestating.