Monday, June 16, 2008

22 Weeks and Counting

It has been 22 weeks and the morning sickness continues. My husband and the dog are no longer surprised when I make a run for the bathroom. Wasn't the morning sickness supposed to end at 12 weeks or 17 weeks? Not for me. I miss all of my favorite yummy spicy foods. JalapeƱo poppers, Dim Sum, and hot wings are a distant memory. I have gotten heartburn from a blueberry bagel, so I can just imagine. My newest cravings are crawfish (which are unfortunately out of season), crab and ROOT BEER.

Here's hoping that week 24 will bring the end of the dreaded morning sickness!


Alisa said...

Hang in there, Erica! Pregnancy isn't always that "fun, glowing" stage that people talk about, but just think about the priceless gifts you will be receiving when it is all over!

Katie said...

I know it's so rough and hard. Like Alisa said, hang in there. It will end! lol. Morning sickness/24 hr sickness didn't stop for me w/ Bryleigh until 7 months. I don't even know what it's called that, but that's another topic. hahahaha.
It sucks right now, but it is definitely worth it! As soon as you have your new babies in your arms, you don't even care what kind of hell you went through, just as long as you have them and you're holding them. It's amazing.

Alisa said...

Erica...just thinking about you! Hope everything continues to get better! We will keep you in our prayers!